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Tamsyn Cullingford

Last year Kirste and Dan loved visiting schools around Perth, getting to know the students and the amazing YouthCARE chaplains. So they are super excited for Free Coffee Fridays to start again this term!

Today they had the opportunity to have a chat with the new CEO of YouthCARE, Tamsyn Cullingford. Tamsyn is originally from South Africa and moved to Perth in 2005. She studied physio at Notre Dame as she had a passion for helping others. In 2020, two weeks before the pandemic hit, she moved to Queensland. She recently moved back to Perth and began her new role as the CEO of YouthCARE. “Coming to YouthCARE was about connecting with people and bringing my own values into the job I’m doing.”

Growing up, Tamsyn and her mum faced hardships and seeing the generosity of the people around her inspired her passion for helping others. “That connection has always been important to me. But also helping the people who are struggling.” It seems we are reaching the tail end of the pandemic with the borders opening, restrictions easing and the mask mandate ending. Through her new role, Tamsyn aims to help reconnect school communities and help them adjust to normal life.

Everyone was impacted during Covid and the sense of community is what gets us through. But Covid killed that connection with wearing masks and social distancing. Chaplaincy is all about connection. Our chaplains go into schools and connect them with the community through other agencies and local churches. But it is also about that deep connection supporting kids through hard things.”

Are you excited for Free Coffee Fridays? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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