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One of Jeziel’s favourite songs at the moment is by “Young and Free” and the good news is there’s plenty more to come, as there new album “All of My Best Friends” has just been released.

Joining us to chat about the new album is singer/songwriter and Worship Pastor Alex Pappas.

“We’re challenged by the thought of worship, it’s so much more than song or singing or gathering in church”, says Alex. “While that’s so fantastic and like everyone else, we miss going to church and travelling and singing songs together. But we’re challenged by the thinking of a lifestyle of worship. Our message to young people is that life is more than subscribing to what the world says is the right way to go. We’re going to against the cultural norms of the world and follow Jesus and live the way he intended us to live. We hope that message speaks to all people, worship in a singing sense is great but also living that lifestyle in the calling of God.”


It was so obvious that Alex is so excited about this latest album. He’s also obviously so passionate about worship leading, he shares a bit of his heart for other leaders in this time and leading through a pandemic. Have a listen below:


Listen to the album here

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