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Each week Bec and Jeziel play Let’s Get Passionate. Producer Telana comes up with a “controversial” statement, which they have one minute to debate.

A coin toss decides who is for and against and then they have one song worth of time to prepare their arguments. After the debate is over, the listeners decide who wins! The most recent “controversial” topic was: “You should never wear socks with sandals.”

Jeziel argued that you should wear socks with sandals. “Never say never, people. There might be a circumstance where you need to put socks and sandals on at the same time. What about when you are at home nice and warm and just need to quickly go outside and get the washing.”

Bec argued that you should not wear socks with sandals. “Sandals are made for summer. Socks will make your feet sweaty, smelly and gross. If it is convenience you are after buy Velcro sneakers or boots that slide on. It’s a safety hazard socks are slippery.”

Who did you think had the better argument? Lets us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Have a listen to the full chat below to see who won!

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