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There are so many thoughts and ideas in the world going into people’s hearts, but not all of them are positive or meaningful. For the last 20 years Pastor Phil, from Kingdomcity Church, has noticed that there is a real fight for what is good and wholesome. “What I love about 98five is you’ve continued to be a consistent voice in our community about God’s standard.”

For over 33% of our listeners, we are their only Christian connection. So being a relevant voice in the community is so important. “You breach the general barrier that churches can’t reach. You’re able to reach into areas of the community that may not have a deep relationship with God but are on the start of that journey.” 

To Pastor Phil, bringing the reality of God into our world is so important. Because when reality and spirituality are one it has a transformative power on their life. When there is a connection of God’s will at work in your life your heart and life start to experience a tangible peace. “In any way, we can do that whether it’s in our sporting clubs in our schools…Whatever we can do to bring tangible reality to see lives changed.” 

“You can never underestimate the work that happens when you’ve got an organisation like 98five who are bringing the message. Where people can be incognito in a sense. They can just switch the radio and listen to the station, there is no one around, and they are not being judged. That can penetrate in a way that in-person situations can’t. We need to recognise that this is one of the great spears that go into our community. The ability to have audio messages into people’s lives randomly and at any moment.”

We’ve Seen and Heard many stories of how God, through 98five, has spoken into people’s lives when they needed it most. To give them hope to carry on when they didn’t feel they could. This June we invite you to partner with 98five to share hope for all to see and hear! 

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