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After seeing a new “fashion” trending online, Bec wanted to know; would it be something Jeziel would wear?

“So you used to be a tradie right?” Bec asked. “And you like to dress sharp?” Jeziel cautiously nodded a reply to both questions. “So I feel like this is something you would have really wanted” Bec continued.

A Mandurah resident named Rob, has tailored high-vis working jackets in refined tradie fashion! Basically what he’s got is a tuxedo jacket, made from the fluro, polyester material you would usually see on a job site.

“I think it’s awesome, cause I like to have a bit of a joke” Jeziel replied after hearing the description. “But if you wore that up there (on the mines) oooof, you would get ridiculed.”

Mandurah man creates the f high vis tuxedo jacket

But this isn’t a joke for Rob. He’s been wearing his bespoke pieces for years. As a trainer and consultant to mining companies, Rob has been seen in these jackets all across the country. Rob says he’s had to fend off requests to borrow the suits, that were custom made in Bali. People have even asked to wear them to “bogan weddings”!

When asked why he doesn’t turn this into a business Rob replied “I’m too old, I can’t be bothered and I have no time!” Maybe Jeziel should approach Rob with Jeziel’s Big Idea?

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