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Would you use a “favourite child of the month” system on your kids?children

On the Drive Show, Bec and Jeziel discussed this unique way of parenting. A Dad shared his controversial parenting technique online called the “favourite child system” to motivate his kids. He said:

I’m teaching my daughters that we don’t always get things our way. Instead of getting depressed that they are not the favourite they need to build more resilience. They need to work smarter not harder, take calculated risks to be the best version of themselves and I’m encouraging that

If you’re wondering how this system works, it is very similar to an employee of the month reward. His children can become “the favourite” by doing the right thing, following rules, developing good communication and entrepreneurial skills. At the end of the month, the most well-behaved child is deemed “the favourite” and their photo is placed on the wall.

Along with bragging rights, they are rewarded with extra technology time, time with friends and less homework. Bec was unsure if this parenting method would work in her family.

I’m sitting on the fence, I have one kid who is a bit more sensitive than the others and I think it would hurt their feelings.”

However; Jeziel has no problem letting his chickens know who the favourite is.

The white one, the eggs are bigger. They are forever the golden child.”

Would you use this unconventional parenting method on your own kids? Let us know your thoughts by texting us or sending a message on socials.

Have a listen to the conversation below:

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