There are many sad and lonely phone boxes out there that are not getting the love they once had 20 years ago, but a creative genius has resigned the iconic red London phone box into a fully functioning office.

Reddit user Ribenadrinker snapped a picture of this telephone box which has a chair, desk, power outlets, desk lamp and wifi ready to be used by a daring white-collar worker.

All that’s missing is the novelty mini calendar and a secret stash of tuna.

Other cool uses for phone boxes

All over London, UK, there are several councils that have not got the money to remove these old phone boxes, so many of them have been Turning them into planters and adding a bit of greenery to the concrete jungle of Greater London.

Described as “This Box Lounger” the idea of using an iconic red telephone box as a couch is not only genius, but it also looks amazing!

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