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It’s safe to assume 3 things.

#1. Morro loves WA

#2. Morro loves sheep

#3. Morro has a new hero in 31-year-old Lou Brown.

Kiwi-born, Lou has clipped himself a world record when he sheared 497 sheep in 8 hours. The previous record was held for 16 years by Cartwright Terry. Cartwright shorn 466 ewes in 2003 and was the one who coached and mentored Lou into the record books. The best part is the record was set right in our back yards in good old Margaret River!

Lou Brown breaks sheep shearing record in Margaret River

“I shore my first sheep ever on his stand,” Lou said when reflecting on his mentor. “I had my birthday in his shed and I took a photo of him shearing and he signed it, and I slept with it next to my bed for years.”

To contend for the title, each sheep’s fleece must average 3.4kg and be clipped with no more than 18 strokes of the handpiece. Lou averaged 1.04 sheep per minute!

But how do you keep up a pace like that for 8 hours?

Mental preparedness, through mindfulness and meditation, was equally as important — if not more so — than physical training.

“The want is the biggest, It doesn’t matter how hard you train, you’ve got to want it.”

A judging panel from the World Sheep Shearing Records Society travelled Queensland and New Zealand to view the event. These judges have seen many failing attempts at this record with one shearer falling just 14 sheep short. The judges compare this event to “climbing Mount Everest as far as shearing goes. It’s the pinnacle of shed shearing.”


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