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This week Woolworths revealed they will be following up their seriously successful The Lion King Ooshies with another collectible campaign. But this is a little different. You can collect plants! Real plants! No more disposable plastic, living, breathing plants.

And it’s all thanks to our Kiwi neighbours.

The Kiwi version of Woolworths, ‘New Start’ recently ran the Little Garden campaign. Shoppers could collect 1 of 24 seeds when they spend over $40 (NZ dollars) which came in little-wee biodegradable pots. The seeds included bok choy, kale and sunflowers and there was a range of gardening accessories like gloves and watering cans to collect too. New Zealand families loved the idea and the opportunity to teach their kids about fresh produce.

The Ooshies stint finished up a few weeks ago. Woolies simply ran out of them due to a terrifyingly high demand for the pencil toppers. Discovery Garden is due to hit Woolies next month. We really hope to see Aussie kids getting into gardening as fiercely as they were into trading Simbas for Pumbas.

So Mel & Jeziel headed out to get the word on the street, to find out what real people really think about these collectibles:



It was a pretty mixed response. A fair few people seemed to agree that the collectibles were “pointless”. While it seems like people who do collect them, are doing it so they can pass them on to their kids or a young sibling. One mum even said “I give them to my kids, even though it goes against every fibre of my being!”

What about you? Are you a savvy collector? If not, would this garden theme change your mind? Let us know on Facebook!

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