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A woman was rescued after trying to save her pet cat from a well.

The 20-year-old woman used a rope ladder to lower herself down an eight-metre well to rescue her cat. Her mother said their cat Comet, had been missing for a few days before they realised he was inside the well. “We tried all day yesterday but couldn’t get him up. This morning my daughter said rig me up I’m going to go down. Bless her, she’s braver than I am.” The woman managed to lift their cat out of the well inside a large zip-lock shopping bag but was unable to get herself out. Emergency crews were called to rescue the woman and she was hoisted out of the well without injury.

Bec loves her dog but would never risk her life for him. “I would lower myself into a pit I would make Evan go in. I would risk my husband’s life for my pet.” Jeziel agreed. “There is not a chance in the world. I don’t care how long I’ve had the cat or the dog or in my case chickens.”

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