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Each week Bec and Jeziel give a recap of the latest trending topics.

A woman was left in shock after discovering her late husband’s hidden hobby. The 62-year-old paid to have her attic cleaned out and the workers asked her what to do with all the boxes. She had no idea what they were talking about, but then they started pulling down a lion’s head, a zebra and other stuffed animals. She had no idea her partner had spent years hoarding dozens of cased animals in their attic. Although she was aware of his interest in taxidermy, she had no idea about his vast collection. Which included a lion’s head with real teeth, otter, white rabbit, badger, fox, zebras and antelope. As well as a large display case featuring a puppy, squirrels and a green woodpecker dating back to the 1860s!

In 2019, A massive Celine Dion fan was torturing their neighbours by blasting ‘My Heart Will Go On’ for hours. In Te Atatū Peninsula, the residents have noticed their return. Over the summer a group of up to 50 cars have parked around the suburb to blast Celine Dion. “They’ve ruined our summer. We can’t eat outside and enjoy the lovely evenings. We shouldn’t have to live like this.” It has gotten so frustrating, some neighbours have put their homes on the market.

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