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Every Friday Bec and Jeziel share some good news stories that will make you smile.

Jeziel told us about a new plastic that can be broken down quickly!

An enzyme variant that can break down plastic has been created. Plastics that would typically take centuries to degrade can be broken down in just a few hours. Researchers at the University of Texas studied 51 different post-consumer plastic containers, 5 different polyester fibres and fabrics and water bottles which all proved the effectiveness of the enzyme. Which they are calling FAST-PETase. The team is looking at several ways to get the enzymes out into the field to clean up polluted sites.

Bec shared the story of a neighbourhood that saved a resident!


A woman who was about to be evicted was saved by her neighbours. They bought her home for her! Linda Taylor volunteered to help the homeless and rented her home for almost two decades. The 70-year-old retiree was a beloved resident in her neighbourhood and known for her heart of gold. But her landlord decided to sell the property and gave her until the end of January to leave. It took an art show, bake sale, countless donations and other community fund drives to get the money. But thanks to the help of her neighbours she had enough money to buy her home!

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