A winter wrap and what to expect

Monday, September 4, 2017 2:45 pm
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Leon Piper | Drive producer

Our winter this year felt like a tale of two seasons. After a warm June, we ended up with a pretty cold and wet July and August. To give us the lowdown on what happened over winter, our resident rain gauge reader, JR, sent over the stats. 

Winter wrap

Our rainfall total finished up on 412.2mm, 60mm below the average. However, it was still the wettest winter since 2011, when we recorded 447.6mm. The mean maximum temperature was 19.5°C, which is 0.6°C above average. The warmest day we experienced was June 5th, when the mercury peaked at 25.6°C. This was our warmest winter day for two years. On August 16 2015 we reached 27.0°C. The mean minimum temperature was 9.2°C, 1.0°C above average. During the last three months, we’ve only experienced 8 cold nights. A ‘cold’ night is defined as any night where the minimum temperature drops below 5°C.

What’s coming up

After a cold start to spring today, things will warm up as the week goes on. By Friday, the BOM is forecasting a maximum of 25°C. The average maximum temperature for September is 20.3°C. However, it does have the chance to vary quite a lot. In 1915 the average was just 16.5°C, and in 2007 the average was 22.6°C. Last September was the coolest recorded at the current Perth Mt. Lawley Station since records began there in 1993.

September rain

On average, half of September is rainy. We average 81.0mm on 14.8 rain days. So far, we’ve had 12.2mm on 3 rain days, with no more rain expected for the rest of this week. The upside of the rain is that the dams are on their way up. They’re currently sitting on 41.7%, up from 41.3%. this time last year they were on just 30.6%

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