Winter weather wrap

Monday, August 21, 2017 2:51 pm
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Leon Piper | Drive producer

With winter nearly over, it’s about time we had a look at some stats from the coldest three months. To keep us in the loop, it’s our local learned lad, JR the Weather Ferret.

We made it

Perth has finally exceeded our average rainfall for the month of August. We’re at 145.0mm from 15 rain days. This beats out the average of 132.9mm. It’s been four years since we exceeded the average. in 2013 we totaled 167.4mm in the gauge from 22 rain days. August has historically been a changeable month. The rainfall has ranged from just 11.8mm in 1902 to 318.3mm in 1945.

Year to date

So far this year we’ve exceeded the 8 month average of 676.1mm with a total of 686.6mm. It’s been the wettest year to date since 2005, when we recorded 692.2mm in the first 8 months. However, the dry June has taken it’s toll. We’re 67.9mm short of our winter average of 473.5mm.

What to expect

After clearing showers on Tuesday, Perth can expect a taste of spring with max temps in the low twenties. While that’s warmer than we’ve had in a while, spare a thought for those in the Kimberley. On Saturday, Fitzroy Crossing Aerodrome recorded a maximum temperature of 38.7°C, their second hottest August day on record. The hottest August day in the Kimberley was 40°C on the dot, recorded at Kalumburu Mission on the 27th of August 1970.

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