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Hey you! What would be one of the best possible ways to kick start the year? How’s about some cold hard cash and a brand new, high-security Dominator safe to keep it in! All you have to do is Crack the Codeword and the prize is yours.

Win this High-Security Dominator Safe worth $1000 and $1000 cash!

Win this Dominator Safe plus $1000 cash

Win this Dominator High-Security Safe worth $1000 plus $1000 cash. At over 70kg, the HS-2 is more than capable of securing domestic valuables, as well as providing 30 minutes of fire resistance.

How it works

Every day The Brekky Show will be playing Crack the Codeword, giving away a new clue each day. Simply give us a call on 9313 0985 when Kirste, Mike and Corey give you the cue. Make sure you’re quick because we’ll be taking one guess from the first three callers. Keep checking back on this page, we’ll keep you updated on the latest clues and all the incorrect guesses. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media too, we’ll be revealing extra clues on Facebook and Instagram throughout the competition!

The latest’s clues:

“It relates to the 2020 Brekky team…”

“This word we all enjoy …”

“Less than seven…”

“More than five…”


“Six letters…”


The incorrect guesses so far:

  • Mike
  • Crichton
  • Dominator
  • Coffee
  • Word
  • Sonshine
  • Family
  • Brekky
  • Breakfast
  • Morning
  • Cracker
  • Partners
  • Travel
  • Amigos
  • Jam
  • Dawn
  • Sleep
  • Joking
  • Laugh
  • Toast
  • Eggs
  • Cereal
  • Burger
  • Potato
  • Kirste
  • Muffin
  • Sugar
  • Banana
  • Sundae

Do you think you’ve cracked the codeword? Tune in from 6 am tomorrow for your chance to guess and win!


Dominator Safes

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