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Experience the latest sophisticated, vibrant and daring films from France, the Alliance Française French Film Festival

For more than 30 years, this widely celebrated French Film Festival has been presenting the best of French excellence on the big screen. Last year it reached unparalleled heights, featuring several world premieres and attracting over 170,000 patrons.

In this rich selection of 42 movies for the Festival this year, everyone will find a film they can enjoy. In fact, they will surely find several! The festival is running from the 9th of March to the 6th of April across 5 Perth theatres.

Check out the full film lineup here.

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If we may make a recommendation…

LOVE SONGS FOR TOUGH GUYSLove Songs for Tough Guys, rated M.

Featuring a delicious ensemble cast led by the fabulous François Damiens and Vanessa Paradis, the hilarious new romantic comedy from Samuel Benchetrit is a charmingly-affectionate fable of a disparate group of ordinary people finding love and fulfilment through an unexpected source: the arts. Featuring an exquisitely layered script that slowly reveals genuine pathos for all its characters, Love Songs for Tough Guys is a deadpan but giddily romantic fable of imperfect people with complex and passionate interior lives. Huge-hearted and funny, it’s one of the most entertaining and intelligent comedies of this year’s selection.

Little Nicholas’ Treasure, rated PG.Little Nicholas' Treasure

This charming and hilarious comedy is a lavish big-screen adventure featuring author René Goscinny (Asterix) and illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé’s beloved character, a young boy with limitless curiosity and a dangerously overactive imagination. France, early 1960s. In the idyllic world of 9-year-old Nicholas, there is Papa, Mom, his school and – most importantly – his ragtag group of friends. Mischievous and inseparable, they call themselves ‘The Invincibles’, and life couldn’t be better. But when his father receives a sought-after promotion and announces that the family must move to the South of France, it’s the worst news imaginable. Nicholas simply can’t fathom life without his pals, and neither can they. Before long a plan is afoot to prevent this terrible relocation…

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