Friday, March 13, 2020
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Beautifully Broken, rated PG.
Beautifully Broken is the true story of three families, from different countries, each struggling to find hope and safety amid the devastation of war. As their lives become intertwined, they realise that helping others can change the world around them and the world within them.

To win 1 of 3 Beautifully Broken Digital Copies…

Simply watch the movie trailer above and jump over to our Facebook page. Tag a friend in the comments of the competition post and answer this question correctly:

The character, William Mwizerwa, travels from Rwanda to which city in the U.S?

a) Las Vegas
b) Phoenix
c) Nashville

(hint: The answer is in the trailer!)

Note: A “digital copy” is much like you would get it if you rented it from iTunes. Except that their access will be permanent.

The competition runs from 12 pm Saturday 13th March and closes at 12 pm Monday 16th March. 3x winners will be drawn from those who tag a friend and answer the trivia correctly.

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