Monday, September 13, 2021 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Australia’s craftiest people are coming together to make out of this world creations! The crafty new series Making It starts at 7.30 pm Wednesday on 10.

From pottery, pyrography and macramé, to carving, crocheting, and even a Chris Hemsworth lampshade, Making It Australia is a heart-felt, inspirational and epic new crafting and DIY series. Meet the makers here.

Making It Australia

We want you to put out the plastic sheet, clean your paintbrushes and get ready to play our game Make or Break! You could win up to $150 cash in Brekky and Drive every day this week! To win, you’ll have to figure out which “arts ‘n’ crafts” the announcer is talking about. You can have a clue, but it’ll cost you. Can you guess what we’re making or will you break the bank?

All thanks to Channel 10’s newest tv show Making It Australia.

The competition will run in Brekky with Kirste and Dan, Weekdays with Mike and Drive with Bec and Jeziel from the 13th of September – the 17th of September. See 98five Competition Ts and Cs here.

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