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One of the main concerns Mums have when looking to return to work is, am I going to get enough sleep to survive? Should I be trying to wean my baby off their night feed?
Andrea Fallon joined Mike to put to bed some of the myths surrounding baby sleep. Breast milk is high in a compound called CCK which helps with melatonin production. “Breast milk is designed to help babies sleep at night.” Doing a quick feed at night helps everyone get back to sleep quickly rather than being up for ages trying to rock the baby back to sleep. “So breastfeeding mums actually get more sleep.” 
There is a huge perception that it will be hard to wean babies off the older they get, but it actually gets easier. As they grow babies develop the capacity to settle themselves. “There’s this huge perception out there that feeding to sleep is a habit, and it’s going to become a bad habit, but if we switch our thinking around and look at sleep through a child’s development lens…look at our baby’s developmental trajectories, it actually gets easier the older they get to wean them off.”
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