Why do Dogs eat their own poo?

Friday, August 6, 2021 9:51 am
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Dr Innis Cloete from Kingsway Vet Centre, joined Bec and Jeziel to help us with our furry best friends.why do dogs eat their own poo

This week we wanted to know why do dogs eat their own poo? Well, Dr Innis says it depends on which cycle of life they are in. Puppies eat their poo to investigate and it is completely normal. However, if they eat poo as they grow older there could be a psychological problem

Dogs need vitamin B17 in their diet which can be found in soil or poo. They may eat their poo if there is a micro nutritional deficiency of that particular vitamin. This is why it is important for dogs to play outside and let them dig the ground, have sand in their noses, and play in the mud. Dogs may also eat poo if they are very hungry.  Insufficient diets or some medications can cause dogs to become extra hungry.

If your dog is eating their poo, try to understand the cause. Make sure they are fed well and play outside. If it’s a behavioural problem, Dr Innis recommends feeding your pup raw pineapple! This will make their poo taste awful and they will stop “It works almost every time.

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