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Essentially One Voice is an organisation that looks after people in a tough season, primarily people who are living rough or on the streets. One Voice build Shower Trucks that they then give out to churches and community groups so that they can go out and do work on the streets, providing hot showers, toiletries, but most importantly, build relationships. Once they get chatting to these people One Voice can connect them in with other services that can help them take the next step in their journey.

One Voice, along with St Pats, are the distributors for our Heart for The Homeless Appeal. This means once the donations close (this Friday!) we will drop off all the donated items to One Voice and St Pats and they will make sure these items get into the hands of those who most need them.

Aaron Pryce One Voice

Aaron Pryce, National Operations Manager for One Voice, says he’s been so overwhelmed by the support for this appeal.

“It’s been so beautiful, it excites me to no end. It’s about showing the love of Christ to everybody, my season is definitely aimed towards those living rough. When I see this kind of generoisty, it’s so overwhelming and it warms my heart. That sense of ‘loving the neighbour’ is just so cool.”

Have a listen to the chat The Breakfast Show had with Aaron Pryce this morning:

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