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It’s only Wednesday and Radiothon 2020 finished up last Friday but it feels like that was weeks ago! But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re in awe of how God moved and how generous The 98five Family is.

The 98five Content post Radiothon

The 98five Content Team in our Radiothon debriefing, still so excited (sadly Kirste was off sick).

We just want to make sure you know how much be appreciate you, so we want you to know exactly where your donations are going. Your financial support is funding:

Replacing Studio 1 Equipment

Studio 1, or Bec’s Studio, is the oldest studio we have and some of the broadcasting equipment in there is over 13 years old! It’s safe to say it is on it’s last legs, we’ve actually had dozens of technical issues in there in the last few weeks. So thanks to you we have already begun replacing some of the pieces in there.

Replacing our Back-up Transmitter

Our back up transmitter is a crucial piece of equipment. Without the back up, we would be vulnerable to weather and power issues taking us off air and it means we can continue to broadcast even if the main transmitter is having maintenance issues. Basically, it ensures there is never a moment in which we are not broadcasting. The unit we have is over 20 years old, and we knew sooner than later, it was going to blow. So thank you family, we have ordered a new back up transmitter and we are just waiting to receive it in the mail!

APRA Music Royalties

There’s an old ABBA song “Thank you for the music” and that’s what we’re saying to the 98five family. Once our Radiothon tally kicked over $70,000 which covers our APRA Music royalty fees for the year. So we can continue to bring you the music you love.

Replacing Katanning’s Transmitter

Did you know that we don’t just broadcast in Perth? 98five is actually broadcast from Lancelin to Mandurah, as well as Esperance and Katanning. And don’t forget anywhere in the world online. 10 years ago we set up in Katanning but 6 months ago, the transmitter blew up, which means all this time The Family down there haven’t been able to tune in. Thanks to you that piece of equipment is being replaced.

Gear for the Purposed Video Studio

This year we’re celebrating 32 years of broadcasting hope in our city. But as technology evolves, the means change but the message remains. Especially during a global pandemic, everyone has had access to radio and media in the palm of their hands. Our children and their children will consume media completely different to how you and I listen to 98five now. We’re thinking about the next generation and planning how to reach them. We have recognised the demand for visual content and with this video studio we will be able to reach more people with even more engaging content.

Along with general house keeping like bills and staff salaries, these are the main projects that needed funding.

The 98five Family RoomKirste and Mike in ‘The 98five Family Room’ with special guest Blake Proud. Plants from Dylan’s Houseplants.

So thank you to everyone who donated to our Radiothon! Thank you for your support and your investment into the work of 98five.

To all our regular guests and the special appearances we had join us in The 98five Family Room, thank you for helping us share the positive message of hope with Perth and beyond.

We also have a special mention to Dylan’s Houseplants for supplying the gorgeous greenery that made The Family Room look so cozy.

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