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Kirste was cleaning out her fridge when she found a jar of curry paste that was way paste it’s expiry date! So Kirste and Dan wanted to know when have you found anything past the use by date?

In 1994, Sally and her family moved from Sydney to Perth. While unpacking they found a tin of powdered mustard that expired in 1976! “To this day it still sits in my parents pantry to give us all a laugh.” Theresa found some dried spices that she should have tossed out in 2012. “They were quite okay did the sniff test they were good. But I didn’t keep them.”

Helen found a dozen bottles of life long milk in the back of her dad’s pantry which expired in 2002! “I make it my job to clean out my Dad’s stuff every 6 months now.” Leanne was checking her medication and realised it expired in 2016! “I though no that might take me beyond where I need to be!”

Have you found anything past the use by date? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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