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Thursday, February 25, 2016 3:16 pm
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By Christine Layton and Mike Atkinson

Each week Christine searches long and hard to find you the best viral stories so you don’t have to. What stories have made headlines this week?


When your child says there’s a monster in their bed, you generally don’t take them seriously –  You might think twice after this story.

A mother was woken by her young son’s screams a couple of days ago and found him soaked in blood with a three-metre python biting his head.

The toddler’s mum, identified only as Tammy on social media, grabbed the huge snake off her terrified son’s face and called for help.


The attack happened in the mid-New South Wales coastal town of Macksville.


In a bid to remain alive and noticed – Shia LaBeouf (best known for his roles in the Transformers movies and his appearance in Sia’s Chandelier video clip) recently spent 24 hours in an elevator in Oxford, England for his latest collaboration with performance artists Rönkkö and Turner – a project called #ELEVATE.

The three dispensers of inexplicably compelling stunts invited everyone within walking or marathon-running distance of Oxford Union to stand in the elevator with them and, according to Variety, “talk with LaBeouf about whatever they want.”


Do you even lift bro? Shia LaBeouf tests his claustrophobia out.


Like/Love/Haha/Wow/Sad/Angry buttons on Facebook. Look out Perth Now, scathing comments will now come with emoticon confirmation.


The like button is getting a makeover.


The Humane Society of Missouri have started the Shelter Buddies Program where kids come in and read to shy or timid dogs to help socialise them so they’ll hopefully be adopted. The kids learn to read and the dogs learn to love. I hope this spreads worldwide!

dogs and kids

Children and dogs unite in this great imitative. Source: Humane Society of Missouri.


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