What’s Trending: Woman’s $440,000 home deemed unsellable due to her decorating

14 November 2022

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Amazon Prime is offering one lucky Aussie $40,000 to binge-watch three months’ worth of TV and movies.

Amazon Prime is looking for a content influencer who can recommend shows on social media. The successful applicant will be paid $40,431 to watch three months’ worth of Amazon Prime content and tell everyone what they liked. Applicants need to upload an entertaining audition video to be in the running.

A woman’s $440,000 home was deemed unsellable due to her decorating.

In 1987, Mary Rose Young bought her house for just £30,000 ($52, 840AUD). Since then she has spent decades decorating every inch with bold colours and patterns. But in 2020, she made headlines after revealing that potential buyers were put off by the bright walls and patterned décor. She has refused to change her ‘life’s work’ and decided to use the space for her pottery business.

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