What’s Trending: Ross and Rachel are Dating?

Monday, August 16, 2021 9:27 am
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Each week on Drive, Bec and Jeziel give a recap of the latest trending topics. This week they talked about Ross and Rachel and man who exposed his stingy friend on Tiktok!what's trending

Friends fans went crazy over the rumours that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are dating! Throughout the show, fans were kept on edge by Ross and Rachel’s on again off again relationship. During the reunion that released earlier this year, they revealed they had feelings for each other while filming the show. Rumours started after David flew from his home in New York to see Jenifer in Los Angeles. But representatives for David Schwimmer and Jenifer Aniston said the report was not accurate and they are just friends.

A man slammed his friend who asked him to transfer 34 cents for eating a few of his fries at dinner. A man was left in disbelief after his mate asked him to transfer money for the few chips he ate off his plate. Peter shared a video of a text exchange he had with his friend Alex who had worked out the bill.

Hey!! I’m dividing up the dinner bill. You had some of my fries right??? Lol

Haha I think I had a couple, why

Ok cool no worries lmao I’ll just add like 47 cents to your Venmo charge? If that’s cool

“So $23.83 total!!! Ur meal + tip + part of my meal that you ate

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