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Jeziel has always wondered, “Why do all the sale signs look the same at Bunnings?” He did some research and found that every store has two people that are taught how to write the special signs for each store. These people are trained exactly on how to write the signage to make sure that the signage is the same across all stores, Australia wide!

He then found another interesting fact, apparently The Flintstones are getting a re boot series set 20 years after the original show. They got talking and they reckon that Bam Bam would probably be around 22 years old.

Bec found a mum that has been able to fix her daughter’s school shoes. She found that her daughter’s school shoes were ruined after only being worn for three weeks. She saw scuff marks on the top of the shoes and she has tried everything to remove those scuff marks but nothing would work until she found black electric tape! Now she tapes the top of her daughter’s school shoes and they look brand new!

Have a listen to the full chat below:

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