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Each week Bec and Jeziel give a recap of the latest trending topics.

Uber partnered with Red Cross to help Aussies donate their clothes.

On Saturday, Uber and Red Cross had their fourth clothing driving. It worked via Uber package, all people had to do was put their clothes in the back of an uber which would be donated to Red Cross. Uber shouted the fare so it was completely free!

A New Zealand property owner stands out with a free Tesla offer.

New Zealand house prices have seen their biggest drop in 30 years. So a property owner is offering a free Tesla to the person who buys their home. The seven-bedroom, five-bathroom property has been on the market for weeks. They had to drop the price and do something to stand out from the other 400+ listings in the Auckland suburb. After purchasing the property, the new owner would get to pick the car’s colour and it will then be ordered and shipped straight from the manufacturer.

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