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Each week on Drive, Bec and Jeziel give a recap of the latest trending topics. This week they talked about Stan Walker’s wedding, smart glasses and a man who swallowed a Nokia brick phone!what's trending

Did you know Stan Walker got married? The Australian idol winner, married his long-time girlfriend Lou Tyson. The exciting news was shared through his new music video showcasing their beautiful ceremony. Facebook and Ray-Bans have collaborated to create Ray-Ban: Stories. These smart glasses allow you to take phone calls, listen to music, capture photo and videos then upload them straight to Facebook. “It’s all built in! how crazy is that?

A man has swallowed a Nokia brick phone! The doctor received a call that the 33-year-old patient had an object stuck in his stomach. After carrying out a scan, they noticed the phone has split into 3 parts. The patient didn’t reveal why he swallowed his phone, although it was probably done on purpose. Surgeons spent 2 hours removing the phone from his body the same way it went in, through his mouth.  “How did he not choke. It would have been so painful!

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