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A woman found a rare personal letter a child wrote to her parents at an op shop. 

In an attempt to convince her parents to adopt a dog the child explained how upset she was being ‘animaless’ and that she was ‘LIGIT’ dying. The woman shared a photo of the note on Facebook and said it had been found in a book and then framed and put on display. The letter read:

“Dear mum and dad, Before you close this letter hear me out, I know you don’t want to hear about this but I’ve put effort into this. ‘Don’t you think giving a dog that is so sweet a home is better than throwing them out onto the sad, cold streets!’ Please x 10000000000 can I have a dog I’m so desperate for one, I hate living animaless I’m always so grumpy because of this. I am LIGIT dying. Lots of love, your sad, upset, and desperate daughter Arlia.”

80s and 90s kids have been sharing things their teachers did that ‘would not fly today’ on Reddit.

1. A 6th grade teacher would take three kids every Friday to McDonald’s for lunch. She was cool as hell. Smoked during the drive and everything.

2. My elementary school teacher used to say to kids ‘you’re cruising for a bruising’ and once washed out my friend Jermaine’s mouth out with soap. This was circa 1987.

4. My elementary school principal would pull loose teeth. You could go to his office, have him pull your loose tooth and he would give you a lollipop.

5. My 3rd-grade teacher had the whole class camp in her backyard after the last day of school. She took us to see the original TMNT movie in the theatre, then we stayed up late telling ghost stories. One of my absolute fondest memories.

6. I had a teacher that would throw foam balls at students when they fell asleep.

7. 90s kid here. If we ever had to go somewhere a bit far away and take a bus, our teacher let us go there by ourselves and come with his car. We were 9–12 years old. He would ask if anyone knew where the place was and made them a leader to take the class there.

8. Had my chair taken away for half the year by my 8th-grade teacher. I could stand or had to sit on the floor.” 

9. If my teacher thought your desk was too messy she’d flip it over and dump out all of the contents in the middle of the classroom and then make you pick them up while everyone watched you. We were six years old.

10. I had a second-grade teacher that everyone LOVED. He told hilarious stories and he had great games to help us learn. He was genuinely a great teacher. And one of the rewards that you could earn if you did well was a ‘Charlie horse’ where he would basically hit you on your leg (roughly just above the knee) in a way that felt like hitting your funny bone but in a more mild way. So many kids were so excited to do this. As far as I can tell, nobody was traumatized by this and nothing creepy was going on, but he was hitting students for their amusement. No way that would fly today.

How did you convince your family to get a pet? What’s something a school teacher did to you that would not fly today? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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