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Parents generally hope to start getting more sleep when their child reaches 12 months to three years old.

But that’s not always the case. Early on in this stage toddlers will often start dropping their day naps from 2 to 1. But some can still be napping once a day at 3 and a half. Andrea Fallon , Midwife and Child Health Nurse, joined Mike to share her advice.

We need to look more closely at what’s happening developmentally. This whole push/pull of wanting to be independent but still having separation anxiety. Toddlers still aren’t good at self-soothing they need us to co-regulate them. “The sleep is still regulated by biological sleep regulators like sleep pressure being one, the circadian clock being another. Where as the mainstream focus is still very much independent sleep, how you put them to bed is how they’ll sleep.”

“I think the biggest challenge is expectation. The lack of understanding of child development in toddlers is a driving factor in why mums feel the pressure to start doing something different. That they feel their little one should be much more independent.”

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