What went wrong at your wedding?

15 November 2022

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Bec found an article of wedding catastrophes witnessed by venue staff. So she wanted to know what went wrong at your wedding?

Marie Louise had many things go wrong at her wedding. There was a sewage spill near their venue so guests arrived to an unexpected smell. The baker who made her cake got it mixed up with a kid’s birthday cake. “It was all multicoloured. They tried to get a photo of me and the cake I was like that is not my cake!

Suzanne’s husband forgot the wedding rings and had to race back to their house just before the ceremony. Then they were taking some photos and her husband accidentally stood on her dress and ripped it. “We’ve been married 33 years. We’re very happily married he is the best man on the planet.”

Jo’s veil flew off her head and onto the roof of the church. Her brother had to climb up using the ladder on their cousin’s Ute. “We were told by my husband’s Italian family it’s good luck in Italian culture for the veil to fly onto the roof.”

Tegan’s husband had to spend hours photoshopping their wedding photos. “They were taken at night and I had slopped gravy on the front of my wedding dress. The photographer was a no-show.”

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