What is screen pinning?

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 1:37 pm
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Let me give you a scenario.

Your child asks to play on your phone. So you open Youtube Kids or some child-friendly game and you plop then on the couch next to you. You look away for just two seconds and then realise they’re calling someone, on your banking app or a random website!

Has that ever happened to you? If it has, Jeziel’s latest hack means you no longer have to be anxious about what your kids could possibly access on your phone. It’s called Screen Pinning.

Basically, this feature allows you to lock devices to a single app by pinning the app to the screen. Which means you can restrict other features and apps from being accessed. Only you, or people you choose to give access to, can unpin the device using a security PIN, pattern or password.

How to set it up (note: this is only available on Android phones):

Open your settings > security settings > advanced/other security settings and look for the “pin” option. Depending on your software version it may be called “pin windows” or “screening pinning”. Turn on the feature. You will be asked if you’d like to set a pin or passcode to unpin an app. This is advisable, as, without a pin, someone could unpin the app if they know how.

How to use screen pinning:

Navigate to the screen you’d like to pin. Press the multitasking/overview/recent button on your phone. Select the icon at the top of the app. Select “pin this app”. The app is now pinned.

What is screen pinning? How to.To unpin an app:

Touch and hold the back and recent buttons at the same time. If you had configured a PIN, pattern or password, you’ll have to enter it to successfully unpin the screen.

Can you see yourself using this feature? Let us know, Jeziel would love to hear from you! Text us, email us or send us a message on socials.

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