What have you bribed someone to do?

Friday, February 26, 2021 4:43 pm
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Bec and Jeziel asked the question today, “What have you bribed someone to do?” This question comes after Bec’s husband bribed their daughter to do something for him.

He accidentally forgot the house keys inside the house and thus had to ask their daughter to climb through the doggy door to open the door from the inside. He bribed her with being able to chose the movie for their family fun night. She ended up doing it and tonight she is allowed to pick the movie!

Jeziel used to bribe his sister to do the dishes for him for 50c.

Sally gave us a call and she used to bribe her kids as well but she didn’t call it bribing, she called it, “incentive and reward” when she talks to her kids whereas when she talks to her friends she calls it, “bribery and corruption”.

What have you bribed someone to do for you? Let us know by sending us a text message on our text line or a DM on our Instagram Page.

Hear the full chat below.

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