What got confiscated at airport security?

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 12:04 pm
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Kirste and her family went on a trip to Bali during the school holidays. While they were going through airport security one of the staff found a massive carving knife in her husband’s laptop bag. “He goes let me explain when I go work I like to make a pear ad rocket salad. I take my pear ad my knife and cut it up at work.” The security guard confiscated the knife and Kirste was devastated. ‘That was my good knife!” So Kirste and Dan wanted to know what got confiscated at the airport?

Jackie and her husband got slapped with a $250 fine when they landed in New Zealand. Her husband had an apple in his bag and forgot to declare it. “It was the way he said looks like an apple to me that got him trouble.”

Helen was a Defence Force spouse and often travelled interstate with just carry on luggage. “Most trips I get selected for the bomb residue test. Of course I test positive frequently as I am meeting with serving military who fire weapons. I eventually got a letter from the Defence Minister and carried it with me so I wouldn’t miss any more flight.”

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