What events needs to be “jazzed up”? [WATCH]

Thursday, May 13, 2021 4:22 pm
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For financially minded folks, this is one of the biggest weeks of the year. Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg dropped the budget. That’s right, the Big FB, as nobody calls it. Let’s be clear, it’s all really important stuff. The way our country’s money will be spent is a matter that concerns us all. But… It’s all a bit boring to watch isn’t it?

Dan thought so too. As much as he wanted to get into the event, he just couldn’t get past the fairly dry numbers and stats. An event of this importance needs a presentation to match. Imagine if you will…

The Federal Budget: Presented by Kirste and Dan…


A smoke machine works overtime, filling a large, dark stage. Suddenly the house lights drop. From the pitch black, we hear a rising beat. Is that rock music? No, it’s not just rock music… That’s Josh Frydenberg’s entrance music! As the beat drops, the lights flash on, a spotlight illuminates the Federal Treasurer as he strides on stage. An enthusiastic voice announces “LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. SPENDERS AND SAVERS. PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR THE DUKE OF DOLLARS. THE KING OF CURRENCY. THE MAN WHO KNOWS NUMBERS BETTER THAN ANYONE… JOOOOOSSSSSHHHHH FRRYYYYYYYDENBEEEERRRGGG!!!”

It doesn’t end there. For every announcement about increased spending, a big drum roll. Maybe some guest hosts to present new grants and tax cuts. I’d love to hear Chris Hemsworth tell us that disability services will be getting a boost. Kylie Minogue presenting an increase for women’s health services would be delightful.

As exciting as this sounds, it did get us thinking. There’s so many other events that could do with a jazz-up. School assemblies are notably dull. Work meetings could certainly use a bit of pizazz. We asked the family what needed a bit of a kick, and the answers were hilarious to say the least. Have a suggestion? Leave us a message on socials or text us!

To hear the full chat, check out the podcast below:

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