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Every Wednesday, Kirste’s best friend Shannon comes to visit The Breakfast Show for a chit-chat and a catch up about what’s going on in her world with three boys.


Shannon considers herself pretty observant. Especially in the car. While she’s driving she likes to look around, see what’s happening up and down the streets. But when she pulled up to a set of traffic lights on Canning Highway, what she saw really took her by surprise.

She looked over to the lane next to her and in a little car with P-plates on, a young guy was shaving! Not with an electric shaver and not with cream, just the dry razor!

Now there are two things wrong with this scenario.

Firstly, dry shaving your face must be super uncomfortable! “I’ve done that to my legs in a couple of emergency situations”, said Shannon. “I’d hate to do that to my face.”

Secondly, you’re supposed to be driving mate, not man-scaping!

“Hang on a minute”, Morro squeezed in. “I always see ladies putting on lipstick or makeup in the car, is it that different? I used to keep a razor in the car door, you know just in case I did a bad job in the morning and left something on my lip.”

Shannon admits her car is pretty often used as a diner. On the school drop off or in between errands, her boys will pretty regularly have their breakfast or afternoon snack in the car. This young bloke used his car as a bathroom, so what do you use your car for (other than transport)?

These are the stories The Family told us this morning:

“When I was a courier in another existence,” said Gordon from Armadale, “I’ve seen people cleaning their teeth, like full-on using mouth wash, gargling and spitting it out the window. I’ve seen people eating cereal and even using their laptops!”

“My friend used it as a delivery room – she had her last baby in there”, Amanda from Wilson texted in.

“Baby change station,” says Jenny from Coolbellup.

“In my younger days, my car was a disco. Andrea from Roleystone said. “I had a blue UV light, a disco ball hanging from the mirror and all my fav songs recorded on a tape.”


We wanna’ be in Andrea’s car! What else can your vehicle be used for? Text us or join in the conversation on Facebook.

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