What do you still keep from your kids?

Monday, April 19, 2021 5:46 pm
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Bec came to the realization today that she keeps all of her kid’s birthday cards they give to her yearly. This made her ask the question, “What do you still keep from your kids?” Jeziel heard from a friend that they kept the umbilical cord of their baby. Bec then revealed that she has also kept some of the hair of her kid’s first hair cut.

The family got in touch and shared their stories of what they kept from their kids. Debbie rang and said that she kept the teeth from all her children. But Ronnie kept his son’s first spoon and his first pair of shoes. He framed them all and at the centre of the frame is a small box where they put their son’s milk teeth.

What do you still keep from your kids? Get in touch and let us know. Send us a message on our text line or get in touch over our socials on Facebook or Instagram.

Hear the full interview below:


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