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Andrew Hamilton, the backyard philosopher, challenged listeners to find their damaging habit and nip it in the bud.

Andrew Hamilton, the backyard philosopher, joined Kirste and Dan on The Breakfast Show to share some words of wisdom. Last week he shared the story of how a bad decision escalated until he realised it had become out of control.

Before Andrew and his wife moved into their new house, they would wander past and have a look. One day he opened the letterbox and by chance found a key. Wondering what it unlocked, he discovered it opened the front door.  They walked in, had a look inside and promised themselves they wouldn’t do it again. However, the next day Andrew invited his youth group over to paint the house.

Andrew had realised that he had entered the house again despite realising it was wrong. “If you had told me two months prior that I’d be illegally entering a house I didn’t own, and painting with young people under my leadership. I would have said you’re crazy I would never do that. But, somehow this little thing had grown into something big very quickly. Then we did something we thought we would never allow ourselves to do.

There are many situations where we dabble in something we should not do. Although it seems harmless, it may have the potential to spiral out of control. Andrew challenged listeners to find their damaging habit and nip it in the bud before it spirals out of control . “Get onto it now and cut it out of your life. Refuse to let it become part of your identity.” Kirste and Dan also offered their own advice.

Trusting a friend to keep you accountable certainly helps you keep on track.

Someone told me you can clear the cob webs, out but you need to get rid of the spider too.”

Do you know of something in your life that is damaging? That is on a trajectory to become more dangerous and need to nip in the bud? Hopefully Andrew’s words of wisdom encouraged you to remove it from your life.

Have a listen to the conversation below:

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