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Bec came into work today with a funny parenting story! Her husband was supposed to look after the kids when she busy getting ready. Her husband was preparing breakfast for their kids and their son got into the egg carton, took an egg and played with it. Bec saw it and wondered, “What did your kids get in to while you were distracted?” 

Lana gave us a call and she mentioned that has 4 kids and each kid has a different story. One got baby cream on the couch. The other got hold of Lana’s red lipstick and went over her lips and face and onto her clothes. Her third child got into the Styrofoam and it got everywhere! It is so difficult to sweep up Styrofoam! But her fourth child poured baby formula onto the kitchen floor and rolled in it making snow angels and singing Frozen songs.

Merin gave us a call as well and her son turned the kitchen island tap so it was over the bench/floor and then turned the tap on. He ended up flooding the kitchen, dining and lounge room.

Adele’s daughter was dressed in a beautiful white dress, ready for church and Adele asked her husband to look after her whilst she went to the bathroom only to come back out and finding her daughter got into her bright red lipstick writing over her dress.

What did your kids get into while you were distracted? Get in touch, send us a message on our text line or hit us up on our socials, either on Facebook or Instagram.

Here the full chat below:


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