What did you walk into?

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 5:52 pm
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Jeziel and his wife had connect last night and they didn’t have time to clean the house so they just put all the stuff in their bedroom. That night they went to sleep without cleaning up and in the middle of the night Jeziel got up to go to the bathroom. As he walked out of the bedroom he fully tripped over a laundry basket and fell face flat on the ground. On his way back from the toilet he tripped over a bin that was in the middle of the room. 

This made him ask the question, “What did you walk into?”

Ria gave us a call and she said she walked into a poll and this was after her friend warned her that there was a pole.

But nothing beats Andrew call. When he was a young lad he was walking outside on his lawn and there was a tap in the middle of the yard that he has seen many time before but this one time he missed the tap. He walked straight into in, leaving a massive gash on his leg. Up until this day he still has the scar.

What happened to you? What did you walk into? Send us a message on our text line or hit us up on our Instagram DM.

Have a listen to the full conversation:

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