What did you find on the verge?

Monday, July 19, 2021 5:22 pm
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This is the basket ball hoop that Bec picked up from the verge!

Bec was late to work today and this was because she went verge shopping! She got a great plastic basket ball hoop for her kids. Bec has not done verge shopping before and was shocked as to how much fun it was. Jeziel on the other hand loves going verge shopping. He has gotten heaps of good stuff. He got a couch and a chicken coop. Both of which he had to take home on the roof of his car.

So we had to ask The Family,

“What did you find on the verge?”

Wilfred and Jan gave us a call to share their stories and the stuff the got from the verge was crazy! Wilfred’s sister furnished her whole house from electronics to furniture! Whereas Jan has found working TVs, computers, laptops and even a queen wooden bed frame! But you will not guess how much money he has gained over the years from money that people left in the furniture!

Family, what did you find on the verge? Let us know by sending us a text message through or by hitting us up on our socials on Facebook or Instagram.

Hear the full interview below:


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