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Simon Creek, from HHG Legal Group, joined Mike to discuss what we can expect from our new Labor Federal Government.

Can Labor deliver on their promises?

Labor made a lot of promises during their election campaign (about $19 Billion dollars’ worth). Are they going to be able to deliver, particularly on the back of Covid? Neither of the major parties saw an increase, but the big winners were the independent parties. “Whilst they haven’t got the balance of power…I think they are going to be very vocal when it comes to making sure that Labor does deliver on its promises.”

Childcare spending

Childcare was the biggest single spending measure in the Labor campaign. With a $5.4 billion pledge to increase subsidies for 96 per cent of families. What will this mean for the working Mum and family? This measure recognises the value of the working parent and is useful in our current labour shortage. “We genuinely need everybody in the workforce we can get. The economy needs that.” The coalition increased child care subsidies by 30% for families with 2 or more children earlier this year. This will  cost $1.7 billion over 3 years. Labor has matched that commitment and offered to extend the subsidy boost to families with just one child for a household income up $530 000 dollars. “Do Australians all feel that families with a combined income of up to $530 000 need tax payer funded childcare subsidies?”

Climate Change

The Labor Party committed to cut emissions by 43 per cent within the next decade and reach net zero by 2050. How do they plan to do this? And can it be done as Governments before them have tried and failed? “I still struggle with the notion that families and struggling Australians worried about rising cost of living are going to be more concerned about the climate…If we take our targets too far in a way that has an impact on the economy, I think we are shooting ourselves in the foot. That is not to say I don’t think we should be doing everything we can.” 

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