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What a difference one year can make! When Jeziel first met Art-Uhan (with Mel in The Philippines back in 2019) he had trouble walking, his dad couldn’t find enough work to support both Art-Uhan’s and his mum’s (who recently gave birth) medical needs… but look at him now! After being sponsored for a year, he is STRONG and HEALTHY, he is receiving education and nutritional food and the cycle of poverty has been broken in his family.
Art-Uhan Sponsor a Village Day
If you’d like to watch the video of when we first meet this beautiful child, click here.
Today we’re partnering to with Compassion Australia to see more children, just like Art-Uhan, in the same village, have their lives transformed through sponsorship.

Talk to your family today about making another place at your table this Christmas, then click the banner below to meet your sponsor child today.
Compassion Sponsor a Village Day
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