Western Australia deemed selfish in new study

Monday, October 31, 2016 7:48 am

Corey Sutton | Brekky Producer

CEO of World Vision Australia Reverend Tim Costello last week published a report titled The Australia We Want that exposes some grim statistics regarding the lifestyle of Australians. 

The report used 14 qualities seen as crucial to the not-for-profit sector, to compare states and territories against each other, and WA has fared worst out of all.

The coastal state has a low female workforce participation rate, high suicide rate, and an incarceration rate that is 50 per cent higher than the national average.


The bad news doesn’t stop there for WA, with surveys highlighting the state’s generosity compared to the rest of the nation. Taxpayers nationally donate 0.35 per cent of their taxable income, whilst WA sits at 0.24 per cent.

Costello said that though Western Australia has performed well economically up until recently, it is not a good indicator for a goof society.

“I think this is something for people in Western Australia, where there are many civic-minded, generous people, to reflect on.”

If you are seeking support or information about suicide prevention, you can call 13 11 14

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