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Mel recently read about a poor Australian farmer who, very sadly, had their entire crop (400KG) of garlic stolen over night. Firstly, she offered her sadness and prayers for the farmer that he gets justice and recovers from this tragedy quickly. After that Mel got thinking .. that’s a pretty weird thing for someone to steal, right? Garlic?  What are they doing with so much garlic? The family quickly informed her that as garlic goes for about $20 a KG it was probably a pre-planned robbery.

So Mel and Jeziel put the question out to the family – what is the weirdest thing someone stole from you?

Margareet had half a pack of Kingsman stolen out of her car, poor Margareet she was having trouble with the battery and every time the battery died the car unlocked itself! Vicki’s sister had her specially made back brace stolen out of the beach toilets – she was only allowed to take it off for 1 hour a day as she had scoliosis, within that 1 hour it was stolen – how unimaginable!  As a 22-year-old, Christine had her undies stolen off her washing line!

Have a listen below – does your story beat it?


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