Weekend Planner – Easter Long Weekend

Thursday, April 9, 2020 2:38 pm
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It’s the Easter long weekend which leaves many this year wondering what can I do when all my usual Easter plans can’t be done…. whether you usually are up for an adventure, want to make plans with popcorn or cozy up on the couch, check out what’s some ideas of what you can still do this weekend!

Want to Go Adventuring?

When Adventuring far is the usual plans for many over Easter this year we can instead look to our local communities. Get creative about how we can still travel and most of all stay physically and mentally safe over this Easter Weekend.

Find a new way to go camping….

Yes, in WA camping is the favourite pastime of many, many people over the Easter long weekend and while I know it is not possible this year here are some ways you can find a new way to go camping…

  1. Go camping in your backyard (or even living room)…. It’s can be like Glamping without the travel time. Create big cosy nests in your backyard, Cook outside and just spend time together playing games, Reading by lantern light or just looking at the stars.
  2. Work out what is it that makes camping so special for you…. is it being out in Nature? Is it being away from technology and the world around you? Is it spending time with each other minus all the distraction?
    Once you know what make camping “Camping” for you then find a way to still create that feeling at home. Get out into a park or bushland near you, Switch out or off all devices and spend time together away from it all.

Spread the Easter joy…

Grab some sidewalk chalk and start decorating those sidewalks with Easter joy. You can even join Chalk Your Walk hosted by Trinity North Uniting Church on Facebook and join in with others sharing their pictures and messages of hope in their neighbourhoods.

Popcorn Plans?

Connection through a screen…

This weekend it is more important than ever to connect in and watch or listen to a service. With many Easter services being streamed plus 98five will be running special Easter services on-air during the 7am (Traditional Service) and 8am (Contemporary Service) both Friday and Sunday.

Find a service to watch (You can see a list of services from churches here in Perth here)and even better if you can connect via video with family and friends to create your own service and fellowship. There are plenty of Easter resources online, Stations of the Cross is a good way to work through the Easter story in a different way.

Keep traditions alive…

Some traditions like having hot cross buns, hot chocolate or even just sitting down and watching an Easter story together. Whether that is as a small family unit, on your own, or through screens with family and friends. Make sure you keep those small traditions that create connection, laughter and memories this Easter. We may have to do them differently but they CAN still be done! The Brekky team gave us a great recipe for Hot Cross Buns this week so check that out here.

Couch Cosies?

Need ideas for being at home more? We have you covered! From ideas on what to watch to games to play, books to read and creative ways to do all those things a bit differently. There are plenty of resources online on how to do Easter differently. I encourage you to go find something that speaks to your family.

Make the Easter Service come to life…

Plant something…… talk through the new life that we have and celebrate at Easter and plant something to represent that new life. You can nurture and grow it over the next year. Seeing the new life grow is a tangible reminder of the Hope we have in Jesus.

Turn the simple into a major event…

Don’t just have an Easter Egg Hunt, make it an Easter Carnival. Play Easter games (Here are some ideas for Easter games), have an Easter Picnic in the yard or in your living room (Find some great Easter picnic recipes here) or make Easter baskets or hats to show off (Here are some ideas for your Easter basket).

Happy Easter

Tune in during Classic Drive each Friday during the 3 pm or 5 pm hour or look out for the weekend planner online for more suggestions of creative ways to stay entertained and active while at home over the next few weeks.

Whether you go adventuring, plan to have popcorn or cosy up on the couch – I hope you stay safe  this Easter long weekend & enjoy whatever is in your weekend planner!


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