Weekend Planner: 4 – 5 April 2020

Friday, April 3, 2020 2:42 pm
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If you’re happy that it’s Friday give a shout! If you’re happy that it’s Friday and you’re looking for weekend plans, give another shout because we’ve got you covered! Our resident event guru has a whole bunch of exciting options for you to sink your teeth into this weekend. Whether you’re up for an adventure, want to make plans with popcorn or cozy up on the couch, check out what’s on in our weekend planner below.

Want to Go Adventuring?

Life is different now and although that has its challenges, this is a certainly a trying time for all, there can be some great positives in this time if you choose to think differently and be willing the change the way you connect with others.

Neighbourhood Party (sort of) in everyone’s front yard…

If you know your neighbours or maybe even if you don’t, now might be the time to meet them…. Drop a front yard party invite in their letterbox and plan. Whether it is a quick coffee catch up, front lawn picnic or end of the day drinks this is one fun way to check in on your neighbours and get out into the fresh air for a bit.

Just remember to keep it small, less than 30 mins and within the all the DOH guidelines and restrictions.

Get into Nature…

Now we can’t go out exploring national parks or major adventure areas but we can get into the nature that is in our backyard or Local Park. Those places we often forget to explore thinking we know it already.

There are plenty of ideas online to do some backyard nature play with your kids, maybe it’s time to as a family tend to or create a garden or it could be a night time under the stars picnic with your partner that is just want you need.

So get exploring and you just might find yourself surprised by your own ‘backyard”!

Popcorn Plans?

Don’t know what to binge-watch next? This weekend the Hope at Home Film Festival starts and it is NOT one to be missed!

If you like many of us have a need right now to find deep hope and opportunities to connect to communities everywhere then what better way is there than to surround ourselves with inspirational and hope filled true stories of others. Stories of those who’ve gone before us and overcome in the most incredible ways.

The Hope at Home Festival will bring powerful stories, life-giving content, community engagement and interaction and the opportunity to learn from world-class storytellers, all from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Hope at Home 10 movie line up

Across the course of the festival period, ticket holders will receive a new film in their library every single week over 10 weeks (don’t worry if you sign up late you can still access the earlier films and content), an accompanying Q&A with the filmmakers and/or fellow storytellers, and access to a range of online events including panels, workshops, in-conversations and more.

Click here to get 50% off your subscription bringing it down to just $29.99!

Hurry and get your subscription as the first week kicks off with and special Easter online events you won’t want to miss.

Couch Cosies?

Need ideas for being at home more? We have you covered! From ideas on what to watch to games to play, books to read and creative ways to do all those things a bit differently.

Virtual Games Night….

And no I don’t mean video games! Although they can also be a great too! Create a games night with your friends and family via some of the board games apps. This way you can still set time aside, make snacks you normally would for games night, you can even video chat so that your game night trash talk isn’t hindered! Then choose a board game app and play like its 1999 and we aren’t all in isolation!

This is a particularly great way to connect with your friends who live alone and need a fun night interacting with other people.

Top Board Game App Picks:

Coup – It’s free and a gives a lot of chances to trash talk.

Catan Universe – Based on Settlers of Catan… need I say more!

Pandemic – Because why not play a Pandemic game in a Pandemic

Clue – All versions of this game are my favourite

The Game of Life – I have many fond memories of this game. Top Tip: name your kids etc. in the game it’s way more fun to get overly invested.

Boogle: With Words, Scrabble, Words with Friends & Yatzee – All great classic games everyone knows how to play so take it to the screen and play against friends, family or get the kids playing and making Spelling, English and Math fun.

Find a project….

No matter how busy we are or how bored we are at home self-care and doing something that inspires is important.

So make an isolation project list…This is something you can do on your own, as a family or the whole family can make their own.

My lists have things like the books I want to read on it, to do more regular face masks and hydrate my skin, to try the recipes I have been eying off for a while, to write more and to make sure I have every single box unpacked and everything in the house where I want it.

Your list can have anything you want on it.

Step 1: Work out what can you realistically do and have been wanting to do for ages and out it on the list.

Step 2: Make sure you have what you need to do the projects and have them stored away ready to go.

Step 3: Set aside a specific amount of time, even if it is only a very short amount, each day or week to pend working on something from your list.

Step 4: Actually spend that time doing something on your list. I find it helps to put music on or something in the background so I don’t get distracted by thoughts. It is a wonderful way to stop thinking about the pandemic and its resulting implications.

Tune in during Classic Drive next Thursday when I’ll talk all things Easter Weekend or look out for the weekend planner online for more suggestions of creative ways to stay entertained and active while at home over the next few weeks.

Whether you go adventuring, plan to have popcorn or cosy up on the couch – I hope you stay safe & enjoy whatever is in your weekend planner!

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