Weekend Planner: 28 – 29 March 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020 2:38 pm
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If you’re happy that it’s Friday give a shout! If you’re happy that it’s Friday and you’re looking for weekend plans, give another shout because we’ve got you covered! Our resident event guru has a whole bunch of exciting options for you to sink your teeth into this weekend. Whether you’re up for an adventure, want to make plans with popcorn or cozy up on the couch, check out what’s on in our weekend planner below.

Want to Go Adventuring?

Go on a Bear Hunt…

Bear Hunt

If you head onto Facebook there are people and suburbs all over Perth getting involved in one of the biggest Bear hunts! Inspired by the book “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” people are leaving teddy bears of all sizes in their windows that face the street so that you can get the kids in the car and go on a socially distant bear hunt through your city.  There are plenty of suburbs getting involved but the largest ones so far on Facebook seems to be the Perth Foothills and Byford.

Shop Local…

Farmers Markets are a great way to get local produce, supporting local business owners. There are plenty still open this weekend so find one close you and get out into the sun and stock up on some weekly essentials, and maybe a treat or two! Just remember to be careful while shopping and keep that gap between you and other shoppers. Click here to see all the Markets still open this weekend.

Date Night Out… at home…

Just because you might have to have date night at home doesn’t mean it has to be movie on a couch, although that can be great too! Yes, you can order in or try a new recipe online but to make it even easier to do this at delicious restaurant levels. The Heritage Perth’s British Chef Matthew Carulei has crafted a spectacular delivery menu or choose from DIY recipes with fresh, local groceries and artisan sides that can all be delivered to you contact-free. So now is the time to have some fun with a restaurant date night at home. You can find out more and order by clicking here.

Popcorn Plans?

Don’t know what to binge-watch next? Why not explore the extensive library on Disney Plus. With everything from Disney classics to all the new films plus documentaries that can inspire and give a behind the scenes view of film making through to Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and even National Geographic there is something for EVERYONE in the family.

For the Kids

Introduce the kids to Star Wars through some epic Lego Star Wars collaborations in the short film collections.

For the Teens

New Series ‘Diary of Future President’ is perfect for the tweens. Documentary/Game Show series  ‘Shop Class’ might just inspire your teens to get creative and build something while social distancing.

For the Adults

With the full Avengers/Marvel Series, old and new Star Wars content, plenty of classics like Sister Act, a wide range of documentaries there are hours and hours of engaging options for the adults.  With so much variety there is bound to be something you both want to watch for an at-home Date Night.

Couch Cosies?

Need ideas for being at home more? We have you covered! From ideas on what to watch to games to play, books to read and creative ways to do all those things a bit differently.

Go Big or Go Home…. Or do BOTH!

Board games are a great way to spend time together at home. Some of my favourites are Articulate, Banangrams (you can play that with others or on your own!), Uno, Balderdash and Jenga.

 But my all-time favourite is Cluedo! Now you can do this with any game but as it’s my fav here is an example of how to make a board game life size!

Cludeo is perfect to play at home life size. Your home gets to become the board!

  1. Map out the home and label different rooms to match the rooms on your board
  2. You can either designate a step size or use tape to mark out squares on the floor.
  3. Each person is the colour piece they would have on the board
  4. Play the rest exactly like you would on the board but each person moves around the house like you would move your piece on the board.
  5. Have fun yelling at each other across the house and trying to work out who murdered who with what and where 😉

Then get create with your favourite games and how you can make them life size.

Experience the Worlds Art and Nature from your Couch

Many local libraries, while they are closed, are uploading videos of library staff doing reading time so your kids can still enjoy new books.

Look for places that have created online tours and go see some of the best Museums, Zoos and Art Galleries in the world. Plus the free concerts and musicians sharing their gifts and hard work across social media will leave you amazed by the talent and generosity of various artists across the world.

A little closer to home Mega Music is offering their facilities to local musicians to live streaming shows and posting the schedules on their Facebook page. Check it out and look out for your favourite, or soon to be favourite, musician’s live stream times.

Tune in during Classic Drive each Friday during the 3 pm or 5 pm hour or look out for the weekend planner online for more suggestions of creative ways to stay entertained and active while at home over the next few weeks.

Whether you go adventuring, plan to have popcorn or cosy up on the couch – I hope you stay safe & enjoy whatever is in your weekend planner!

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