Weekend Planner: 23 -24 May

Friday, May 22, 2020 11:24 am
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If you’re happy that it’s Friday give a shout! If you’re happy that it’s Friday and you’re looking for weekend plans, give another shout because we’ve got you covered! Our resident event guru has a whole bunch of exciting options for you to sink your teeth into this weekend. Whether you’re up for an adventure, want to make plans with popcorn or cozy up on the couch, check out what’s on in our weekend planner below.

Want to Go Adventuring? 

Food, Music & Fresh Air…

The Light Up Leederville Carnival has gone all out to make sure this weekend you can experience dining out & live music safety! They have partnered with the Town of Vincent & many of the local café’s/restaurants to open up the Leederville Village Square. So find your fav café or restaurant, book ahead to make sure you can get a table & then just enjoy some delicious food, live music & time with family or friends, socially distant time of course! Find out more about where, what food venues & when live music will be here.

Light up Fairy Light for our Frontline…

Although it has been running since early may there is still time to get involved in the Fairy Lights for our Frontline.  This is a collective effort led by local charities to say thank you to all our frontline workers & community services getting us through COVID.

It’s really simple, string up some fairy lights in your front yard, balcony or windows then just turn them on each evening to say thank you! You can also get involved online by sharing pictures on socials with the hashtag #frontlinefairylights & don’t forget to spread the love by sharing with friends. For all the details click here.

Popcorn Plans?

Movies are back!!!!!…

Well, at least they are from your car! The longest-running drive-in cinema in Perth is open again and this weekend they have a double feature perfect for the family! Galaxy Drive-in’s in Kingsley has opened back up this weekend with a double feature of Sonic the Hedgehog & Playing with Fire.

Both are great for the kids (& the adults) so why not pack the pillows & blankets, pick up some food on the way (or get from the onsite café) & enjoy a movie on the big screen again!

Create a real cinema candy bar at home….

Have you been missing the cinema buttery Popcorn, or maybe Choc Bombs that seems to only been found at the cinema? Resorted to trying to make them the same yourself but failed? I know I can never get the popcorn just right!

Don’t worry this Saturday you can stock up for your own movie nights at home with REAL CINEMA snacks! Luna Cinema in Leederville will be selling Popcorn & Choc Bombs at a pop up this Saturday between 12 & 3pm. So get in quick & start to plan your next level movie night at home!

With Channel 9 airing Part 2 of the Disney Family Sing-a- long, the complex & beautiful Pixar’s Onward on Disney Plus, The heartfelt new series Sweet Magnolias on Netflix or the brilliant New Zealand comedy Hunt for the Wilderpeople only on SBS On Demand for another few days there is plenty to watch this weekend.


 Couch Cosies?

Running out of things to do at home….. With the storms coming on Sunday here is an idea of what to watch while all snug on the couch…..

Discover some of the creativity from around the world that has come out of isolation….

The amount of creativity, hopeful stories & feeling of community globally that has come out during this period of isolation has been so beautiful. I have found myself often amazed not just at the talent of people around the world but the heart they have & the bravery they have to share their creativity with the world.

One of the stand out’s for me over the last 8 weeks has been SGN, also known as Some Good News.  John Krasinski (The Office, Jack Ryan & A Quiet Place) created this weekly show from his home to find a way to bring out the positive stories of isolation and to shine a light on the good in the world. It did that & more!

With eight 15- 20min episodes on YouTube he helped students feel like they had some sort of Prom & Graduation. He helped us all find recipes to fill our time, re-united the Hamilton cast for a performance, spoke to astronauts in the International Space Station plus re-united The Office cast to perform someone’s wedding on Zoom.

All this while also highlighting each week hopeful stories around the world, celebrated essential workers & raised a lot of money for different charities.

He has taken a step back from it now, handing it over to the worldwide SGN community to continue, so now is the time to binge all 8 episodes if you haven’t seen it already!


Check in next week for more ideas on series like this to make you smile at home.

Tune in during Classic Drive next Friday during the 3 pm or 5 pm hour more ideas on how to spend your weekend during isolation.

Whether you go adventuring, plan to have popcorn or cosy up on the couch – I hope you stay safe & enjoy whatever is in your weekend planner!


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